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About Us 

North Shore Dental Temps prides itself in providing great customer service.  


Our candidates are some of the best in the industry. They are all interviewed and screened in person, before we recommend them to any office, either for permanent or temporary placement.



Lesley Long, Owner


Lesley is a seasoned professional with over thirty years experience in the dental industry.


As a practicing full-time Certified Dental Assistant, she learned first hand the inner workings of dental offices, staffing requirements and the importance of providing professional, courteous and friendly service and how critical these aspects are to the success of individual practices.


When Lesley took time off to focus on raising her young family, she maintained her contact with the industry by working as a temporary employee at a number of offices. While doing this work, she came to understand the needs of both employers and employees, regarding coverage for  dental staff who needed time off for illness, maternity leaves, or vacations. She realized some of the many challenges job seekers face when trying to find a job on their own. While personally interviewing all candidates it gives her good insight and understanding of the exact needs in finding employment. Whether it be for temping assignments or permanent positions, she realized the importance of a good fit for both employer and employee.


This experience led to the formation of North Shore Dental Temps. Lesley realized the need for a placement agency which could meet the unique needs of dentists and dental personnel. While originally intended to provide service to North and West Vancouver, the company quickly expanded to become one of the top dental placement agencies in British Columbia.



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